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National Insurance Scheme (NIS)

National Insurance Scheme (NIS)





The Embassy notarizes Life Certificates and other related National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Documents/Forms free of charge for pensioners living overseas, who are receiving National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Pension.

Persons living overseas, who have attained the age of sixty (60) years and are now applying to receive old age benefit under the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) can also have the related Documents/Forms notarized at the Embassy free of charge.

Certified English translations of all documents in foreign languages are required.

All documents being submitted from overseas MUST be notarized by the Embassy.

Pensioners should notify NIS of any changes made to names, addresses or the persons/banks nominated to act on your behalf.

For more information, please visit the NIS website: www.nis.org.gy or contact the Customer Services Unit on Telephone number (592)-227-6851 or email:niscustomerservice@yahoo.com



  • Six monthly vouchers issued by NIS in a pension order book which have a validity period of six (6) months each.

  • Direct deposit to the commercial bank in Guyana where the local/overseas pensioner has an active account.

  • Monthly/periodic vouchers issued to a local representative of a pensioner who resides overseas.

  • Monthly/periodic vouchers issued to a representative of a pensioner who resides in Guyana but is unable to uplift his/her pension due to illness.


  • The Embassy will only notarize the Life Certificate after it has been verified that the Pensioner is alive.

  • A valid Photo Identification (coloured Copy of Identification Card or Passport) must accompany the Life Certificate Form to be notarized.

  • Pensioners residing overseas are required to submit a Life Certificate every three (3) months or at least once per year.

  • Pensioners who have not submitted a Life Certificate in the excess of three (3) years are asked to:

  • Submit a written excuse for the non-submission of the Life Certificate

  • Submit a new Life Certificate

  • Pensioners are encouraged to submit Life Certificates in a timely manner to facilitate the processing of future pension payments.



Applicants must submit the following documents:

  • OAB 1 Form (Application for Old Age Benefit)

  • National Insurance Scheme (NIS) Card

  • National Registration Identification (ID) Card

  • Current Passport (to be used as a supporting document alongside the Certificate of Birth)

  • Certificate of Birth

  • Deed Poll/Certificate of Marriage or any other relevant document (if there was a change of name other than that which was recorded on the original Certificate of Birth)

  • Persons who are applying for their pension one (1) year after they have attained the age of sixty (60) years must submit a letter explaining the reason for the late submission of claim.

  • P3A Form (if a local representative in Guyana has been appointed to uplift monthly/periodic Pension Vouchers on your behalf). A valid Photo Identification (coloured copy of Identification Card or Passport) of the representative must be submitted to the Embassy.

  • P3B Form (to apply for the Pension to be paid into the Bank)


Pensioners are required to appear in person (by appointment) at the Embassy in order to have the Life Certificates and other Documents/Forms notarized on the same day.

If you are unable to physically appear at the Embassy, then a Video Call will be scheduled between you and the Consular Officer before the notarization process can begin. Once the relevant documents have been sent to the Embassy through the post, then the notarization process can take approximately three (3) working days to be completed, but can vary on a case by case basis.

The Embassy will dispatch to the Applicant, the notarized documents via Registered Mail to the return address stated on the self-addressed envelope.

The Applicant is required to confirm receipt of the Certificate and other documents by signing and returning to the Embassy the “Receipt of Documents Slip” via email address consular@embassyofguyana.be



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