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Registration as a Citizen of Guyana (Marriage to Citizen)

Registration as a Citizen of Guyana (Marriage to Citizen)



Any person who marries a person who is or becomes a citizen of Guyana shall be entitled, upon making an application in such manner and taking such oath of allegiance as may be prescribed, to be registered as a citizen of Guyana: Provided that the right to be registered as a citizen of Guyana under this article shall be subject to such exceptions or qualifications as may be prescribed in the interests of national security or public policy (Under Article 45 of the Constitution of Guyana)


Persons can also apply to be registered as Guyanese citizen of a Commonwealth country as stated in the constitution of Guyana or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland. He/she must show that he/she has been ordinarily resident in Guyana or has been in the service, throughout the period of five (5) years ending with the date of his application.




1. Persons applying for Citizenship need to present the following documents to the Department of Citizenship in order to uplift Citizenship forms and requirements:-

a) Original Marriage certificate, Original Guyanese ID or passport and a valid passport of the Foreign National (Marriage) or;

b) Original previous and current passports (Naturalisation & Registration (Ordinary)) or;

c) Copy of parent’s Citizenship certificate and applicant’s Passport and Birth Certificate (minor).

2. The Officer is to verify the documents. To ensure that the foreign national have a valid Extension of Stay endorsed in the passport.

3. After verification of the above, two (2) citizenship forms are given to the individual whereby a list of requirements is also given explaining that the items on the list are required upon submission of their application.

4. If the applicant is working, a letter is prepared requesting Income Tax Liability Statement and N.I.S. Compliance Statement.

5. Upon return with the application the request is accepted once all of the requirements are met. An Interview letter is then given to the applicant to present themself for an interview three (3) weeks after submission of application.

6. A file is then opened and copy is sent to Deputy Chief Immigration Officer for use during the interview.

7. A report from the Deputy Chief Immigration Officer and Head Immigration Support Services is forwarded to the Hon. Minister for directions.

8. Once approved certificates (to be done in triplicate) are typed and forwarded to the Hon. Minister for his signature and onward transmission to the Office of the President for the Presidential Seal to be affixed.

9. The applicant will be notified to uplift certificate upon payment. 

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