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Requirements for Issuance of a Landing Permit or Transit Visa on Arrival in Guyana


Please be advised that the Embassy does not issue transit visas for Guyana. If you are transiting Guyana on the way to your final destination, on arrival in Guyana, you will be given either a landing permit in your passport or a transit visa will be issued by the immigration authorities, depending on the amount of time you will be in transit. No prior application for the landing permit or transit visa is required.

The following are required for the issuance of a landing permit or transit visa on arrival in Guyana:-

1. Passport with at least 6 months validity;

2. Valid Yellow Fever Certificate;

3. Proof of onward travel, i.e., travel itinerary to final destination;

4. Proof of accommodation if overnighting in Guyana; and

5. Sufficient funds to cover stay in Guyana if overnighting.

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