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Emergency Travel Certificate

Emergency Travel Certificate





  1. An Emergency Travel Certificate is issued to a person to facilitate urgent travel in ‘distressed or unpredicted situations’ where it is not possible to issue a valid Passport. It is valid only for one way travel to Guyana.

  2. Eligibility:

  • A Citizen of Guyana

  • If a Passport is expired and there is inadequate time to apply for a valid Passport before the proposed date of travel

  • A Passport is Lost/Stolen/Damaged

  • Illness or death of a close relative

  • In the case of a natural disaster in the country of residence and there is the need to return to Guyana

  • Deportation, Removal, Repatriation

  • Any other circumstance deemed as an emergency by the Embassy

    1. An Emergency Travel Certificate must be surrendered to the Immigration Authorities upon arrival in Guyana.

    2. The Applicant is required to physically appear at the Embassy to make the application.

    3. All original documents will be returned to the Applicant



  • Completed Application Form

  • Two (2) recent passport-sized photographs

  • Original Certificate of Birth/Naturalization/Registration/Adoption/Registration of Overseas Birth

  • Identification Card (ID) (if applicable)

  • A coloured copy of the Bio-data Page of the Passport (if available)

  • Original Certificate of Marriage (if the applicant is female and is married, divorced or widowed and there has been a change of Name)

  • Original Deed Poll/Declaration/Decree Absolute Certificate (If there has been a change of name other than through Marriage)

  • Documentary evidence to support the claim of illness or death of a relative (e.g. Signed, Stamped and Certified Letterfrom the Medical Institution confirming the illness of the relative; Certificate of Death)

  • Travel Itinerary


The cost for an Emergency Travel Certificate is €20.

Account Details:

Embassy of Guyana
BE67 3101 0073 4687

The cost of postage by registered mail is 15 euros.

Account Details:

Embassy of Guyana
BE78 3101 0073 4586


The application for an Emergency Travel Certificate has to be submitted in person at the Embassy, once an appointment has been made.

The Embassy’s verification process of the Application can be completed in one day, once the relevant documents are submitted and verified by the Embassy. It is recommended that prior to the date of appointment, such documents should be sent to the Embassy via email address (consular@embassyofguyana.be). The original application and supporting documents must be submitted on the day of the scheduled appointment.

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